The team

Mr. Balázs Gyenese

Partner – Advisory

I do not want to tell others what to do or how to do things. However, I am good at helping them to understand the whole context of a dilemma and work out their very own solution. This requires patience, humbleness, and the belief that everyone has strengths, everyone is capable of contributing to a common goal or vision.

I am good at fostering effective collaboration, and the joy comes from seeing teams achieving their full potential. Being a retired professional sportsman, in sailing, I gained tremendous amount of experience around teamwork and team dynamics.
Our approaches to change and transformation tend to forget about inspiration, playfulness, lightness and rhythm. That is my role to introduce the transformational element of leadership and help leaders to take a more balanced position accordingly.
And I always keep in mind Yoda’s advice, “There is no try. Only do.”

Dr. Zoltán Korpás

Managing Partner – Executive Search

I’m not just an HR professional, who believes in credibility and acts responsibly while having impact on other’s business needs.

I’m also an intellectual, a Historian who explored and put in cross-border context unknown episodes of the history of Early Modern Hungary. The crossroad of the two parallel professions is a guiding principle for me focusing on value creation and sustainability as well: both as HR advisor also as Historian the fruit of my contribution is creating something stable and long-lasting.

Mrs. Erika Andor

Research Consultant – Executive Search

I might even be a good detective. I am passionate about finding great people, getting to know them and their path deeply. But my mission as a researcher is to light up people’s lives through my work, help them to create a perfect fit for the job, to clarify their objectives and aspirations for their career path.

This area of HR is all about connection to people, but it matters how to do in the right way. I have a businesslike and human attitude with a creative flair that helps me to find out other’s needs. Embracing other’s views, listening them attentively – this is my personality and approach. I am keen on learning on the run and I continually strive to make progress in my personal journey of growth and professional ambitions.

Mrs. Klaudia Pálfay

Research Consultant – Executive Search

Supporting individuals and corporations in reaching their objectives is coded in my DNA.

As the result of my contribution, our candidates are guided towards achieving their career aspirations, also, corporations get access to the best candidates succeeding in their new roles. Understanding their motivation, mapping their attitudes, values and preferences is the most exciting part of my job. To be able to run a perfect research process I need to be able to put this into the right context, meaning having a full understanding of the client’s expectations and preferences. This approach results in handling all projects in a positive, constructive and progressive manner, causing excellent candidate and client experience throughout the whole project. I really enjoy applying creativity and innovation in my work that allows me running successful research projects in all industries and specialization. The other area of my focus is on client and stakeholder experience. The way I handle the communication helps me a lot to build trustful relationship with all partners and colleagues I work with.


My motto is:
“Be the most ethical, the most responsible, the most authentic you can be with every breath you take, because you are cutting a path into tomorrow that others will follow.” (Ken Wilber)

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